Administration Solutions

Taylor & Sons provides a highly customized employee benefit management service to clients, consultants and administrators through our robust turnkey solutions.  We offer a scaleable, modular suite of services to provide back-end support that will allow you to reduce time and costs commonly associated with internal benefit administration by both payroll and HR.  Our solutions are flexible, highly configurable and are designed to help you succeed in the complex world of employee benefits. Our implementation team can deploy online portals and online enrollment solutions that are customized specifically to your organziation.

Our offerings include:

  • Online enrollment
  • Billing and eligibility maintenance
  • Call center Assistance
  • Communication campaigns
  • ACA compliance tools
  • COBRA administration
  • FSA/HRA/HSA administration

Since 1958, Taylor & Sons has provided clients with benefits and HR technology they need to succeed in fulfilling their employee benefits mission and goals. Today, our administration solutions give our clients powerful tools and services at an affordable price, with the flexibility they need to satisfy the demands of their diverse employee workforce.

Our ultimate goal and measure of success is demonstrated when employers are able to reduce stress as we remove the difficulty in choosing the optimum employee benefit plan to suit everyone’s needs involved.