BenefitsDirect offers numerous discounted insurance plans, safe retirement assistance, and other benefits specifically designed for employee groups and trade associations across the country.

For almost 25 years, we have served as the endorsed voluntary benefits administrator for more than a dozen employee associations and federal employee unions. We provide a specially designed and member endorsed platform of insurance and financial products to the membership of various entities.

association As an independent brokerage, we search the marketplace for the most suitable products within each product category for group members and, in many cases, provides said members with products that have been exclusively developed by our organization. Our size and volume of business allows us to negotiate favorably with insurance companies, driving clear value in the benefits afforded to our customers.

BenefitsDirect communicates the value of the platform of benefits to membership in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participation in conventions, area rallies, zone meetings;
  • Face-to-face presentations in offices and other appropriate meeting locations;
  • Webinars and various forms of electronic and paper communication delivered to respective members.

We provide group members with a variety of convenient payment methods for most of its products, including bank draft, direct bill and payroll deduction.

Most of the products we offer may be carried by the respective members into retirement. This “portability” exists relative to individual products and is purposely designed to benefit the member. In many cases, we administers the billing and premium-pay mechanism for retirees once separated from service.