Customized Benefits

Don’t just enroll employees

Offering a comprehensive benefits package is a great thing, particularly in today’s economic climate – but having the best benefit package in the world doesn’t mean much if the plans don’t make sense for your population, and employees don’t understand them.

Make your benefits count with our customized benefits development, communication, education and administration platform!


Our full-service employee benefit platform will lead to:

  • Better benefit options that are better understood by employees
  • Robust communication of these benefits which means greater employee engagement and satisfaction
  • A seamless, electronic enrollment process with automated EDI exchanges with all carrier partners
  • A simplified administrative process

The result? You have a full service, end-to-end benefit solution without the hassle.

We are very experienced in developing and implementing customized ancillary-benefit products and services with the intention of ensuring that our clients get “best of class.”  In other words, many brokers settle too quickly in using “shelf” ancillary-benefit products and services, developed for nationwide mass-marketing in all types of groups across geographical lines.  We have used “shelf” products and services where they have presented the best option for our customers; however, we have the unique ability, through our experience and relationships, to develop proprietary products and services over which we have more control in distribution.  This type of control permits us to provide our clients with unique products and services and to manage against adverse loss-ratio effects that may arise from mass marketing.

Our service infrastructure permits us to deliver ancillary benefits underwritten by multiple carriers on a single platform (i.e., open architecture).  The web-based enrollment technology is very flexible in its ability to house and maintain products from any carrier and feed data to any carrier, all subject to such carrier’s approval.  This factor is important because no one carrier is “best of class” across all product categories.  To achieve “best of class,” we must work with and deliver to a client multiple carriers.  More than two dozen carriers have approved, and been built onto, the system.

Products we support include:


  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Plans (Group & Individual)
  • Life Insurance (Group & Individual, Permanent & Term)
  • Cancer & ICU Plans
  • Accident Plans
  • Dental & Vision Planse


  • Critical Illness Plans
  • Legal Protection Plans
  • Identity Theft Protection and Recovery Plans
  • Spousal Income Protection Plans
  • Payroll-Deducted Purchasing Program for Electronics, Computers, Durables, Etc.
  • FSA, HSA, HRA & COBRA administration[/one_second]

Our experienced team of consultants reviews the benefits selections in-force for each of our groups, and makes suggestions with regards to both product selection and plan design in accordance with what makes sense for that group.  We strive to provide our clients with useful consultation in order to enhance their overall employee benefit package.