Often overlooked in the past, voluntary insurance products are now ready for a main stage performance. Thanks to enormous shifts in health insurance, employers and employees see these benefits (cancer, disability, critical illness, gap life insurance, etc.) in a completely new light. If properly combined, these benefits can fill gaps in coverage, protect employees income and serve a crucial function if a medical event occurs.

BenefitsDirect offers a new approach to employee benefits by examining the overall needs of your workforce and then devising a Voluntary Benefits product suite that provides opportunities for maximum coverage and satisfaction. This framework brings multiple elements together and presents more comprehensive protection. Optional policies fit together with employer health plans in a manner similar to the way Medicare supplemental plans mesh with Medicare.

Transformation in the health insurance market has prompted this shift in philosophy for many employers. Rising premiums and high deductibles have led to diminished and dropped coverage. If properly managed, voluntary benefits can position employers as leaders who care about their workforce. Ask your advisor about how Voluntary Benefits can work for your company.

Once your products are selected, BenefitsDirect makes managing employee benefits easy.

    • We have the solutions.
    • We’ll reduce your time, cost and paperwork.

Our close relationship with numerous carriers and business partners across the country and our experienced, licensed consultants provide clients with affordable options that meet budgets and address the bottom line – options that are sure to help you attract and retain a talented workforce.

We make it simple and we have designed a dynamic benefits portfolio with businesses and organizations in mind.

BenefitsDirect is comprised of the most knowledgeable, senior-level, local market advisors in the business. Our team is selected to work with us based on their significant industry experience, analytical acumen, passion and unrivaled commitment. Partnership with our advisors offers our clients increased confidence and control of their long-term benefits and risk management strategies.

While our technology delivers significant advantages, it’s our people who provide the personal, responsive service that our clients appreciate. From your initial call, to strategic planning throughout the year, to handholding during renewals, you speak with knowledgeable professionals dedicated to your business. These experts guide you through each step of the process.

Long after the sale, our representatives are available to you – and to your employees – every single business day. This is a huge distinction from traditional brokers and a terrific time-saver for you. Think about it. If your employees don’t understand their coverage or are having difficulty with a claim, you don’t have to troubleshoot – we do it for you. Most agencies simply don’t have the capacity to serve businesses routinely this way, and we have an entire team devoted to these endeavors. You can focus on running your business, and we take care of your employee benefits needs.

Take a look at the vast array of support services we provide – at no extra cost to you:

    • Customer Advocate Center: Staffed with experts to answer employee questions about claims, plan eligibility, provider networks, plan design features and pharmacy issues.
    • Proactive Customer Support: We keep on top of your employee benefits needs throughout the year – not just during the rush of renewals. Expect a mid-year strategy checkup with a current program analysis, portfolio and compliance reviews, a product gap analysis, market overview and service plan review.
    • Creative Solutions: Insurance coverage isn’t the only way to protect your employees. Many savvy businesses offer additional solutions that provide significant tax advantages to the company, as well as to their workforce. Our experts can counsel you about health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, dependent care accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, premium only plans, transit plans and other options.
    • Compliance Assistance: Staying on top of IRS and ERISA regulations is an enormous task for any employer. We manage the process and files proper documentation, limiting the employer’s liability related to benefits programs.